Welcome to Synnovator, Inc - Your Company of Intermediates Solutions in Research Triangle Park at North Carolina!

With long term business connections with many leading chemical producers and distributors in North America and Asia - that's what sets Synnovator on the top of her peers. We provide more than 8000 high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates, building blocks, and active ingredients that meet R&D needs for pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and research institiutes.  Our chemicals are ready-made or customized to your specific requirements.  By owning large vendor resources, we provide you with our fast and reliable services and products at unbeatable rates.



We are a specialized company that provides you organic chemical products for research and development purpose. You can select items from our list of products.  You are also welcome to work with us or our vendors individually to develop your unique compounds.


About Us

We are a group of individuals who have close relationship with many leading chemical producers and distributors.  We have a team with a common goal of being dedicative, accurate, and efficient.  You can rely on us to build your innovative products.